About Us

You have come to the site of our online store TULSIBAZAR.COM.
TULSIBAZAR.COM is a team of professionals in the field of online trading. TULSIBAZAR.COM is the First Vedic online store- The Best Selection of products from India at a Bargain Price In the market since 1990, We have a shop in Vrindavan’s famous Bazar Loi Bazar, WESTERN STORE OR K.G. GUPTA
We are very famous among the RUSSIA and CIS Countries devotees. Due to high Demand for Ayurveda in the world, our customers regular demand us to open a website where they can buy Ayurvedic products at the best price. So with the Blessing of our beloved Radha Ram and support of our loyal customer we now have decided open a website.

TULSIBAZAR.COM is a wide selection of Ayurvedic products Health products, Indian Cosmetics, spices, from different manufacturers in Many websites from Russia purchase Ayurvedic Goods from us and sale them with a big profit and you have to spend twice or thrice for the same thing which our site sells for MRP Price. All this you will find in the sections of our site. Also if you want to order something from India or Vrindavan which is not in the catalog and they is no possibility to bring it yourself. We will be happy to help you.

Location- Our main shop is located In LOI Bazar, Vrindavan, India, Near to Gangotri.

We try to work so that our customers are satisfied, therefore we are very attentive to all wishes, requests and complaints.Our Goal is to select the best and quality products and good in India and offer them to our customer at the lowest price.